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Get On Up
Review by Velo

Say it Loud, This Movie is Like Wow!  Chadwick Boseman delivers a mesmerizing performance as James Brown in the biopic, Get On Up.  From poverty to international success, this movie explores the life and times of James Brown.  With profound leaps between Brown’s childhood and adult adversities, the film sheds unconventional light upon the man behind the music.  However, what makes this movie fun is the outstanding music and amazing performances on and off the stage.  If Chadwick does not receive an oscar nomination for this film, it would be a crime.  His acting is on par or better than Jamie’s Ray and Denzel’s Malcolm X.  Although, the film is about 15 minutes too long, Tate Taylor (the Director) tells the story like a James Brown song, with serious soul.  If you are looking for an interesting story with banging music, then this is it.  Grade A-

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