was founded by Velo Stewart and his mother in April of 1999 in Cleveland Ohio. It presently stands as one of the world’s oldest hip hop website. The original mission of the site was to create a positive environment for hip hop artist to compete and cultivate their skills and relationships online.

To promote the website Velo wrote, directed and produced the hip hop film Hip Hop 4 Life in 2002. After the international distribution of this film, Velo began working on the City vs. City MC Battle documentary film series from 2003 – 2007.

In 2009, Velo relocated the business to the Los Angeles area and founded the subsidiary website, The mission of the new site is to provide the Hip Hop perspective on all forms of mass media and special events. With a similar focus on the urban progressive audience, regularly covers major film festivals, plays, premieres, artist showcases, and major global tech events.

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