Carly Sunae

Fitness Trainer & Actress



Carly Sunae Mayers is a dynamic and well rounded Fitness Professional having over 16 years of professional experience as a Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, and more recently a Life Performance & Health Coach. With her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Theater and Dance, you can see how versatile she is using her creativity in action.  

Events and Other Info

Forever a student of life and purpose, she is always sharing and learning about the latest sciences on health and fitness, to giving people a kick ass workout in various forms, and kicking ass on film as an action star in film festivals, where she was recognized as best female action star by Action On Film Festival.  

Live Streams Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:00pm (pst)


Fitness Skills

Strength Training 90%
Cardiovascular 95%
Mind Body 90%
Bodybuilding 80%
Sports Training 80%

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