Rocco Carlo Distefano

Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach



Currently, Rocco is coaching at the Division 1 Collegiate level at UCLA. At UCLA as a Strength & Conditioning and Performance Nutrition Coach, he has learned to improve on field performance, reduce risk of injury and severity, while mastering the art of program design. Assisting in the nutrition program at UCLA has allowed him to help people take a goal oriented approach to health and nutrition.

Events and Other Info

As the son of a former professional bodybuilder, Rocco played football and ran track while attending Springfield College. He has also helped coach and run successful Summer Speed Camps for football and track athletes at the high school and collegiate level, while attending college.   


Fitness Skills

Strength Training 100%
Cardiovascular 30%
Mind Body 90%
Bodybuilding 80%
Sports Training 90%

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