Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.58.55 AMRunning Time: 2hr 30m
Release Date: August 14, 2015

Breakdown: At a time in Los Angeles where the crack epidemic, gang wars, and police brutality were at an all time high, NWA exposed the struggles going on in the black community to white suburbia thru rap. This film showed how the rap group from Compton in the 80’s truly changed the game.

Plot: Against strong opposition, a group of kids from Compton were able to become legends. The film follows NWA and the obstacles they endured to get their message out, however fame and success brought separation within the group.

Performances: The stand out character, for me, hands down has to be O’Shea Jackson Jr., who portrayed his father, Ice Cube. Those who think O’Shea got the role because of who he is will be enlightened. The kid has skills. His portrayal of Ice Cube went far beyond his physical resemblance; he was able to totally embody Ice Cube thru his tone, demeanor, and swag.

Highlights: Being an NWA fan and watching documentaries about the actual group members, gave me an even greater appreciation for the production. This movie allows you to get lost in the story thru the gritty cinematography, story lines and acting! It makes you feel emotions from saddness to laughter – it truly takes you there. The stage performances were so spot-on –  it was like watching NWA rock the mic, for real. The great casting sets Straight Outta Compton apart from other recent biopics.

Drawbacks: I can’t really pinpoint anything I didn’t like about the film. If I had to choose, I just wanted more; I wanted to see more of their journey, but what they were able to show us in a limited timeframe, gave me an overall picture of how NWA came to be and what they meant, and still do mean, to Hip Hop and urban culture as whole.

Overall Grade: A

I highly recommend everyone to go see this film!

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