I am dedicating this article to the note that I received above from one of our MoneyTrainDX & FuTurXTV.com Youtube subscribers called poppnfresh1. I was going to write this article anyway about why I was allowed as a minority online journalist to cover Comic-Con International 2008, but not allowed as a minority online journalist to cover Comic-Con International 2009. But the note from poppnfresh1 explains in a nutshell the need for niche news outlets or alternatives from mainstream journalism and why there has to be a consistent effort to have diversity of news media at Comic-Con International 2009–even if we have an African-American President.
To give a brief background on myself: I am a freelance online journalist that covers a wide variety of major media, marketing and technology events like E3 Expo, Sundance, NAB, Cannes, CES, AFI Festival, Digital Hollywood, etc,. My written work, videos and still photos are posted on Hiphopbattle.com and some of my video interviews are shown on FuTurXTV.com. And what most people like poppnfresh1 do not realize is that it was a struggle just to get approved to cover Comic-Con International 2008. Below are all events FuTurXTV.com and Hiphopbattle.com were officially approved to cover as press in 2008 and early 2009 just look below:

FuTurXTV.com and Hiphopbattle.com were approved as press to cover the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, 2008 CES, 2008 Sundance Film Festival, 2008 MAGIC Fashion Show, 2008 OMMA Global Hollywood Conference and Expo, 2008 MultiCltural Media Expo, 2008 Future of Television Conference and 2008 CTIA Wireless Conference, 2008 NAB Show, 2008 Spring Digital Hollywood, Hong Kong New Music West 2008 Music Festival & Conference, LA Games and MobileForum, 2008 CGS World Championships, Licensing International Expo 2008, 2008 ad:tech Singapore, 2008 Madison+Vine Conference and 2008 Entertainment Marketers of the Year Awards, 2008 ComicCon, The Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2008, The Edge Music Festival 2008, AMPLIFY!! 2008, GC – Games Convention 2008, CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment 2008, 2008 Urbanworld Film Festival, NY Games Conference 2008, Digital Music Forum West 2008, Politics 2008, Contentonomics, Popkomm 2008, Middle East International Film Festival 2008, AFI Film Festival 2008, 2008 International Black Film Festival of Nashville, OMMA Video 2008 and OMMA Mobile 2008, 2008 Digital Hollywood Fall, Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008, The Dubau World Game Expo 2008, P2P & Video Conference, TelcoTV Conference & Expo 2008 and the Singapore 3DX Film & Entertainment Technology Festival.

In 2009 FuTurXTV.com and Hiphopbattle.com have been already approved as press to cover the 2009 CES, 2009 Sundance Film Festival, 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, 2009 CES, 2009 CTIA, 2009 NAB, 2009 LA Games Conference, 2009 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2009 Digital Hollywood Spring, 2009 Hollywood Black Film Festival, E3 Expo 2009 and Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2009.