Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.13.20 AMStyle it Rich catches up with makeup expert, Amrezy!
With over one million followers on Instagram… Amrezy is no new face to the makeup industry. In fact, she has been doing makeup for some time now. She just recently launched her own color palette with the famous Anastasia  brow studio. I have been going to Anastasia for some time now, and this release is, by far, a major accomplishment for any makeup artist. We got a chance to talk to Amra Olevic to find out about her fashion favorites and makeup must-haves! She is gorgeous, sweet, and down to earth. Read up to see exactly what this fashionista had to say.
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Style It Rich: Where are you from and want made you get into makeup?

Amrezy: I’m from Brooklyn, NY, and I’ve always been obsessed with how you can transform using makeup.

Style It Rich: What are your top two must-have makeup items?

Amrezy: Armani Luminous Silk foundation and Estée Lauder Heat Wave highlighter.

Style It Rich: Anastasia Brow Studio is known across the world. How does it feel to have your own line there?

Amrezy: I feel very blessed and grateful.

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Style It Rich: What’s your favorite clothing designer?

Amrezy: I don’t have one.

Style It Rich: Favorite shoe designer?

Amrezy: Giuseppe Zanotti.

Style It Rich: Do you like to save money on clothing or will you drop $1000 on a designer dress?

Amrezy: It depends on the item. If I’m crazy about something, then yes.

Style It Rich: What are your favorite looks in your closet, and why?

Amrezy: I LOVE blazers and ripped jeans. Blazers, because I feel like it’s the best accessory for an outfit, and it can be worn with pretty much anything. Ripped jeans, I’ve always had a thing for. I feel like they spice up the look.

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Style It Rich: Name one thing that one would not know about you?

Amrezy: When I was eight-years-old, a girl I was friends with tried to drown me.

Style It Rich: What top fashion no-no advice can you give women and men?

Amrezy: Don’t try too hard, it’s corny. And stay in your financial lane when it comes to name brands. Don’t go buying a Prada bag if you can’t pay your rent this month.

Style It Rich: We have a game called “Worth It, or Waste?”. Just say if you think it’s worth it or [a] waste.

Style It Rich: Worth it or waste: $4000 Celine bag?

Amrezy: Worth it!

Style It Rich: $500 caviar facial?

Amrezy: Worth it!


Thanks so much, doll, for the interview. We love you !

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