Four, young and driven executives from Revolt TV stopped by Los Angeles Film School this past week for a panel discussion; zoning in on all things music, education and professionalism. panal 1(From left to right) moderator Brittney Boston, Chris Roy, Besidone Amoruwa, Neil Dominique, and Amrit Singh delivered sound advice and boosts of inspiration to the crowd of aspiring entertainers and entrepreneurs.

Inspiration was definitely the theme for the night. Each #RevoltUniversity panelist candidly walked the audience through their fearless journeys to becoming who they are today, and I’m sure the testimonials did not go unheard.

Seeing the young panelists speak with such assertiveness and professionalism made me that much more interested in the Revolt TV movement. The passion that they shared for the contemporary brand was undoubtedly contagious.

Revolt TV is new, and different, and scary to most. It’s unlike any other cable network out right now. The fact that they entrust the viewers to choose their content can be mind-boggling to the most.Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.05.47 AM Revolt TV is a rebel, coming to shake the face of music and television up – something that the industry was in desperate need of. Diddy choosing the right, youthful team to spearhead this movement is a direct reflection of what any mogul should do if they truly want to “keep their ear to the streets”.

The panelists wanted everyone to realize that each audience member is a brand influencer, and ultimately directs the entertainment industry to what’s hot, a responsibility that shouldn’t be dismissed or taken lightly. Empowering the young generation and giving them a sense of ownership to the Revolt TV movement is working in their favor.

Revolt TV is definitely a network worth supporting. They look to the new generation to tell them what to air – tailoring their programming to match the hearts of the viewers instead of force-feeding them fabrications of what they feel cool should be. More established music networks should take note and hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late. After all, it’s all about the culture and who better to look to for direction than the culture.

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