Running Time: 2hr 2m

Release Date: 12/25/2014

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Breakdown: Selma is a city in Albama that in 1965 became the battleground for what would become a major confrontation in the Civil Rights movement. Against great opposition Martin Luther King Jr played by David Oyelowo tries to lead thousands of activist in a march from Selma to Montgomery, with the hope of convincing President Lyndon Johnson to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Plot: Based on true events, this film explores a unique perspective of the deep south in 1965.  Although by this time laws had changed to include minorities and end segregation; the South had decided to stay the same. Even with the Enforcement Act of 1870 allowing blacks to vote southern states still refused and set up criteria in their states to block blacks from been able to even register. Dr. King spare headed a plan that included private negotiations with President Johnson, organizing the local community, utilizing the press to spread the injustice and calling on others to join in the non violent movement that resulted in a major change in American history.

Performances: Every character regardless of how big or small their role helped recreate one of the high points in the Civil Rights Movement. David Oyelowo humanized Martin Luther King Jr like no other. He showed a very vulnerable side of a great man.  In addition, Ruth Carter did an amazing job with the wardrobe and costumes.

I highly recommend this movie.

Overall Grades: A

By: LeTisha Tucker